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Make sure that you have completed your checklist!

1. How to add your users/emails.

This is where you want to add your users and assign them a role.
Typically you would add a user for each role in your shop.
If you have sales reps. this is where you would add their role.
Try logging in as a different role and see that their view of the application is different. i.e. Sales Reps. can only see their orders and contacts.

2. How to administrate your workflow.

This is a check list of what tasks your shop performs each day. Your user/role setup should reflect this.
You can use the default values or edit to match your shop. It is a good idea to get this configured early and not change often.
You can easily automate your tasks and setup procedures/triggers that act upon checking off a workflow task.

(Send an email, put on calendar, add new task, etc.)

This is where your employees will login each day to view their roles and responsibilities.
The checkboxes allow you to filter and automatically update if you have an in shop TV monitor for example,
This is where you can monitor all communications performed in the application.
You will also receive emails any time that a customer corresponds to your online art approvals and orders.

3. How to setup your customer portal and collect money online.

Be sure to add your third party settings to TeeChimp so that the payment section is available online.
This where you send your customers their online invoice.
Be sure to enter your pre and post messages located under your company setup section.